Looking at the collection of my blogs__ all centered on the family, my son remarked, “Now we HAVE to do something so that mom could write about it.” But no such fears! Born in a big family and married into an even bigger one, I never run short of topics for my blogs as my dear kinsmen keep providing something or other to write about.
One such incident was a very recent one. My brother-in law not only narrated this to me but also gave me permission to write about it.

We being ex- Air Force people are regular visitors to the Command Hospital. When both of us have to go, my husband takes the car out, while the two- wheeler will suffice him when he goes alone. My brother-in law, also a retired Air Force man and the owner of a car, never believed in going all the way to the Command Hospital. He preferred to pay the local civilian doctors and get the services.

But once, he happened to be convinced that Military doctors were the best for his particular problem and so he started going to them. After taking the car once or twice, he explored other avenues and found that going by the City bus was highly economical, that too on a Senior citizen concession. He would always come and tell us how his expenditure incurred on each hospital trip ran into single digits though he travelled in all luxury.

The other day, he happened to have drawn a big amount of money from the bank for a family function. As the function did not demand all of it, he was carrying the rest, Rs 6000 to be exact, in his wallet along with his driving license, senior citizenship card and RSI card (Defense Club).After one of his trips to the hospital by bus, he discovered that the wallet was missing!
When he told me about it, I assured him that the wallet would be returned to him as his cards carried his name and telephone number. Sure enough, next morning he received a call from a North Indian Software Engineer who had come to Bangalore on work. He had found the wallet on a bus other than the one my brother-in law had taken. But when he went to collect his wallet he found all the cards intact, but not a single paisa in cash, because that’s how the gentleman had found it.

But, I was all admiration for my relative for saving precious diesel for the country at the cost of his own wealth.


14 thoughts on “Pennywise…..?

  1. It’s admirable for a man of his means to show frugalness…
    At times fate’s cruel because… sometimes you lose more than what you had wished or intended to gain.

  2. sneha says:

    Dear Vimala,

    Comedy of errors… But you sure do have an adventurous family…
    My dad has a lot of such tales to tell me of his journeys on southern buses, they’re typical…if you know what I mean !


      • Sneha says:

        There’s nothing to hide… perhaps its just that we’re too busy doing god-knows-what to have the patience and write our experiences…conveniently terming it as ‘writers block’ which I seem to be going through.

  3. Seetharam says:

    Your brother-in-law, Ragashayi I guess, was destined to lose Rs.6000. If he had gone by car the purse would have slipped from his pocket when getting in or getting out of the car. So please let him have the pleasure of going by bus and doing the country some good !

  4. Shernaz says:

    An interesting anecdote, Vimala….As Sneha rightly said, there is nothing to hide. It’s just that some of us feel what we have to say will not interest others…

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