Hi, dear everybody,
My 4th book ‘Colors’ is out. It is a print book of humorous blogs, self- published through It has 194 pages and is priced at MRP Rs 250 + shipping.(subject to discounts).Those who are interested in buying from me may contact me at:

vimalarm@ or wingramu@

Those who wish to buy from can write to directly. (Those who have already booked with me need not repeat the order)
Those who are from outside India can contact and the books will be shipped to them directly at a reasonable rate.

The link for direct purchase of books is as follows:

After reading the book, do not forget to enter your review in

About the book
“Colors” is a collection of blogs from various websites contributed to by the author. The predominant mood in these blogs (‘mindless writing’ according to some) is one of humour. The kind of laughter generated here may not be that of the side splitting, stress busting types of a Comedy show or a Laughter club. Nevertheless, the simple real life episodes portrayed here may succeed in bringing a smile to the lips of the reader by their word play if not by the actual humour of the situation.


12 thoughts on “IT’S HERE !

  1. ambika ananth says:

    Hearty congratulations Mrs.Vimala. Wish your book a warm reception – I am sure the writer fraternity will encourage and appreciate. I will send a cheque for my copy. Do send your mailing address to my gmail account. Best wishes.

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