Readingabout a girl getting a job in a cement factory because she was a good ‘mixer’, set me thinking about probable criteria for the various jobs.

Should a  worker in rubber factory be ‘bouncy’?

 Should a worker in electric shop be ‘wiry’?

 Should one in a Champagne store be ‘effervescent’?

 Should one in Solar cells be ‘sunny’?

 Should one in tourist department be ‘out going’?

Should one in elastic fasteners be ‘flexible’?

Should one in security be ‘outstanding’?

 Should one in road construction ‘level headed’?

 Should one in Oil wells ‘slick’?

 Should one in silverware be ‘polished’?

 Should one working off shore be ‘calm’?

 Should one in refrigerators be ‘cool’?

 Should one  in boilers be ‘hot’?

 One in gum factory ‘sticky’?

 One in spring factory ‘resilient’?

 One in telephones ‘communicative’?

 One in automobiles ‘self motivated’?

 One in suitcases ‘accommodative’?

 The list is endless.


3 thoughts on “JOB CRITERIA

  1. dear sneha and seetharam,
    Since I posted a later and longer version, I lost your comments with the older version. No problem. I had already read it . Thank you both for the same.

  2. This was Sneha’s comment.
    Me and Mohit were reading this anecdote and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Why don’t you send such stuff to readers digest india? You rock, Vimala! ! 🙂
    Sneha and Mohit

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