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My dear friends,

I am very happy to share with you that my long awaited book RAINSONG, a collection of humorous blogs is now available in Kindle form in Amazon.com ($0.92) and in Amazon.in (Rs. 60). It has been well edited and has additional spice in the form of original family jokes.





 With as many postings as the number of years of married life, separation from my dearest husband for me, a service officer’s wife was no novel thing. Those were not the days of mobile phones or skype or e mail. The snail mail would take 6-7 days in transit in spite of being sent within the country. But that day, the pangs of separation was so acute that it was physically excruciating.

I was missing, oh, so very much missing him. He had been posted thousands of miles away from me at a remote place in North-eastern part of the country and it was more than 6-7 months since I had seen him..

As his posting had been to a non-family station, I had been staying in my hometown with my mother-in law who was occupying the annexe of her sisters’ bungalow. My mother-in law was presently away at her daughter’s place in the other part of the city for a week’s stay and I was all alone in our part of the house with my children.

The whole evening I had been longing for my darling and I had foolishly waited at the gate staring at the road hoping my intense feelings would somehow bring him to me in person. But he was so far away from me.

As night set in, I entered the house reluctantly, fed the children and myself and was getting ready to get into my lonely bed. I heard a knock on the door. When I opened it, there he was my own beloved on the door step in real flesh and blood! I could not believe my eyes. I felt all the splendors of heaven had been spread in front of me to enjoy. How was it possible?  While I was thinking he was miles and miles away from me  he was right in my presence for me to touch, feel and hold him. Did God really hear my impossible prayers? I pinched myself to check if I were dreaming. His familiar voice brought me down to earth.

He would not let me wake up the children nor would he let me inform his aunt in the main building in spite of my apprehensions  as to what she would think if she were to suddenly hear male sounds from my bed room.

But none of it bothered him. He had flown down by service aircraft on two days’ duty. Though he had been in the city for more than half a day, he had not contacted so as to surprise me later. He had only one night to spend with me before leaving the next day, but he was all mine for that period.

I served him dinner in a trance. He did not mind the burnt vegetable which I had overheated in my excitement.

The ‘one night stand’ we spent clandestinely without the knowledge of other members of the family was so precious that I would never ever forget my ‘Platinum day of Love’. I feel the experience certainly deserved the Platinum.